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Mulbery Ojok - Accountant & IT Consultant
M Ojok; ACCA, BSc.

Mulbery Ojok is a current  Director of MCDS Company;    previously I work for European project on TEMPUS programme in 1991and1992-(Hungary & UK)  as project Administrator and co-ordinator, involved in  selecting the final year University students from Romania/Hungary and Croatia, sending them to Brussels and UK to study for 6 months.

I managed the project finance, including student's travels costs, accommodations etc, I was also teaching Finance accounts in  Pecs  University Hungary.  Prior to the above Mulbery Ojok work  for Uganda Tourism   Co-operation at its Head Office (Kampala) as Assistant Accountant, then  as hotel Accountant for Uganda Hotels from 1981-1987.

Background: I started my career  as hotel Accountant dealing with clients; staff and other customers after obtaining a higher Diploma in Accountancy.

Profession: Having taken ACCA courses and Exams; I then moved into a career in Accounts & Auditing in the late 2010s working as an Accountant in both small and large accounting firms. These years gave me invaluable experience of many different organizations: how they work, how they financed themselves, why they failed and how they grew.

My Academic studies: I have experience of education as undergraduate, mature student at  University and graduated in 2002 Foundation Degree in IT; and in 2007 with BSc in Information System & Computing.

As part of my research project in  IT and Computing, I took up training  people with no skills in computing,  teaching web design, Database and Sage Line 50 accounting.

This has given me experience of the challenges faced by community in London in which over 100 languages are spoken, and most people do not speak proper English and where there is considerable financial deprivation amongst people but hope and aspirations are high in which all thrive emotionally and educationally.

In time, I took a career break,  myself and my wife Rose, with others members formed a training organisation in Accountancy & IT Company.   I did not want to return to my original career, so looked to fund raising for our company to be able to facilitate change in local community.

I raised funds in form of grants from local government and European fund for training  unemployed people. Over 200 people benefited from our training company and went back to  work and other got Vocation Certificate level 1 & 2 from OCR and went on further studies.

I was juggling family commitments and running the company as its Finance Accountant and a director. With my fund raising position is now over, I  would like to have  opportunity to move on  other challenges.

Interests: Self acknowledgement- I took the first IQ Test in 1997 (UK) scored 156.

I like travel, music; reading, writing in both longhand and shorthand.

My favourite book is Animal Firm; by George Orwell;  I did project in Amorphous Computing; My Research Project-Vilfredo PARETO principle; Dissertation for MSc Finance & Accounting -(London South Bank University) The role of the Central Bank in developing the banking sector in Developing World.

Mulbery  Ojok is the  son of Petero Ngeca (deceased) (known locally a chief) "Mukumu of Pabo and Kilak County (Gulu-Uganda) in 1950s". Petero Ngeca opponents wrote a song against him in Lwo/Acholi Language that:  (Wany pa Ngeca Kara rac, Mukumu oneno la-liya ngeng ogwero camo gweno...) meaning Ngaca(chief) has unbearable greed, having seen  grounded white ants, he refused to eat chicken, but eat grounded white ants without waiting for his guess.........

Esoteric: I inherited from my mother- Ajok (deceased) an ancestor spirit, in Africans (Acholi  tribe); born as-Ojok or Ajok is determined by a sinepass from generation to generations over  the centuries.  

My Award Title :  ACCA Affiliate - Association of Chartered Certified Accountant;

BSc-Bachelor of Science Information Systems and Computing -University of London ( Birbeck  College) UK 2011;

Foundation Degree in Computer Science -University of London ( Birbeck College) UK-2007;

Certificate in Information Technology ( IT) Applications -University of London ( Birbeck College) UK -2002;

BSc- Bachelor of Science In Accountancy -UK 1989 ;

Higher Diploma in Accountancy; Nukumba -University (College of Commerce ) Uganda -Entebbe 1977-1980;

Rubaga Boys Senior Secondary School-Kampala, Uganda 1972-1975;

NVQ  City and Guilt -Level 2 in Sage Accounting Uk.


Rose Ojok- PhD in Economics; CIMA Part qualified ;  Current post in MCDS- Executive Officer 

Mrs Rose Ojok is a Management Accountant. Retired ‎Quality Assurance - Food Industry (UK)

Former lecturer at University in Pecs (Hungary)

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