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Mulberry Career Development Services (Summary)

MCDS is a newly established organisation operating in the South London Borough of Southwark.

The organisation was founded in June 2002, when a number of locally based highly qualified professionals and degree holders, frustrated at the low level of support available to help people into work in IT & Accountancy and Languages, formed a lose, self-help project.

The group developed a project aimed at training individuals on a one to one basis, hands-on practical training for real work by simulating an office environment and providing work experience, while teaching them how to run payroll, use
Excel, design Databases, do Bookkeeping, prepare Accounts and write CVs etc.

Soon many persons that were not themselves confident or computer literate wanted to be trained.

MCDS made a proposal aimed at tackling the relatively high level of unemployment in Southwark, which stands at 9.2% (figures from Labour Force Survey), one of the highest in London and much higher than the national average.


"To provide quality, practical training which is accessible to everyone."


  • To advance education for the benefit of the general public by providing training and workshop facilities in IT and Accountancy and Language.
  • To facilitate workshops in practical training as required by individuals or organisations.
  • To increase career training opportunities for everyone.
  • To facilitate job searches by providing access to Internet.


Mulberry Careers Development Services is committed to total equality in all matters, including access to employment opportunities and to its services and resources. The organisation will consider no factors other than ability, commitment to its aims and an aptitude to contribute to, or benefit from, the work of the organisation.

MCDS will actively seek to engage with those who may normally be denied access to mainstream resources because of direct or indirect discrimination.

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